November 5, 2018

We Already Saved One Business Owner $509 a Month
On Her Health Insurance Premium
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With one call to the South Carolina Small Business Chamber preferred insurance broker, one of our members quickly found out that she could save $509 a month and still get quality health insurance!

Premiums for health insurance for small business owners and others over the age of 50 have gone up over 40% in the last 2 years!

If you don’t qualify for premium assistance through the Affordable Care Act, you need to call a trusted, local insurance broker who can help.

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Public Service Commission Continues Hearing to Determine Who Pays $5 Billion in Construction Costs for SCE&G’s Abandoned Nuclear Plants

South Carolina Small Business Chamber president and CEO Frank Knapp will again be taking part in the Public Service Commission’s hearing this week.  Mr. Knapp is a pro se intervenor arguing that SCE&G rates should be rolled back 18%, the amount of rate hikes put in place since 2009 to pay financing costs for the nuclear project. He also is advocating for the return of every dollar SCE&G ratepayers have already paid for this nuclear debacle, around $2 billion.

The hearing started last Thursday, and Mr. Knapp made his opening comments. Read them here.

Mr. Knapp gives a quick analysis of Friday’s hearing in this blog titled, “We lied. You believed us. It’s your fault.”

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