Making over $200,000 a year? Your local economy needs your help.

South Carolina has thousands of residents who earn over $200,000, couples with joint incomes over $300,000 and residents with $1 million in assets not including a personal home.  Unfortunately very few of these people are investing in local businesses, or even know they can.  Yet that is exactly what is needed to grow our own local economies.

This is the message the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCC) wants to get out to the public.  The organization even has made it fairly simple for high-income people and couples to look at investment opportunities in the state with its funding portal,

“We want South Carolinians who are investing in Wall Street to start looking at investing in Main Street,” said Frank Knapp Jr., President and CEO of the SCSBCC.  “Most high-income people don’t know that they can invest directly with a small business owner looking for financing.  The law says that they can and we want to make it easy for them.”

“We’ve created an online marketplace where these accredited investors can shop for investment opportunities anonymously and from the comfort of their homes or offices.  But first they must register by going to and clicking on the red door to Private Placement Investment,” said Knapp, who was just recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as 2014 South Carolina Small Business Financing Advocate of the Year.

When has a sufficient number of registered investors who want to shop, the SCSBCC will start putting investment deals on the shelves,” said Knapp.  “We need to start investing in a new economy right here in the Palmetto State.”

For more information about investing through, contact the SCSBCC at 803-252-5733 or

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