11/2/15 Small Business Chamber Newsletter


November 2, 2015

Nuclear plant costs just went up $1.1 billion. Now SCE&G wants $286 million more!

In September, the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) gave its approval to increasing the cost of building two nuclear power plants in Fairfield County by $1.1 billion due to cost overruns and schedule delays. SCE&G owns 55% of these reactors and Santee Cooper owns the other 45%.  Only SCE&G is regulated by the state.

After approving the new price tag for the nuclear plants, the PSC gave the green light to SCE&G to raise electricity rates for the eighth time to pay for their construction financing costs. This rate increase was 2.6% ($64.5 million) and brings the total in SCE&G rate hikes for the construction to over 17% since 2009.  Add the regular operational SCE&G rate increases approved by the PSC and the consumers are paying on average 35% more for SCE&G’s electricity than they were in January of 2008.

Now SCE&G wants to increase the cost of the nuclear plants another $286 million and for the consumers to pay for it.

What is the money for????? We don’t have an answer to that yet.

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Calling all small businesses: Stop big increases in health insurance
premiums by making sure all workers have some form of coverage

Open enrollment for health insurance through the marketplaces has now started. Every citizen is required by law to have some form of health insurance with exceptions for certain low-income individuals.

If you have a policy through the marketplace, go shopping on HealthCare.gov to see if the policy you have still fits your healthcare and financial needs. If you need help locally, it’s available for free.  Find an organization with certified navigators by clicking here.  You can also contact an independent insurance agent or broker who has been certified to help you find a policy on the marketplace at no additional costs.

While the Affordable Care Act has been tremendously successful in making health insurance more affordable primarily due to the financial assistance provided through the marketplaces, there are still about 10.5 million uninsured who meet the federal requirements to have coverage.

So why are these uninsured not obtaining health insurance through the marketplace like about 9 million have already done?

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Credit Card Processing Services

Carlton Card & Check Services, Inc. is the official bank card supplier for SCSBCC. Member rates will give you savings to start improving your bottom line today! Free counter-top terminal with each new member account, no long term contract and no sales people will call on you! The company’s point of sale solutions features merchant processing by Cynergy Data®.

Carlton Card and Check Services offers SCSBCC members a full line of electronic payment services via Cynergy Data® including credit and debit card processing, electronic check services, eCommerce payment gateways, and gift card programs. The personalized pricing, service and support cannot be matched- you will always be in touch with the local owners of Carlton Card & Check Services!

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