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South Carolina Small Business Chamber President and CEO Frank Knapp invites you to join us

"Not only does each of our levels of membership--Supporter, Sponsor and Grand Sponsor--have great automatic benefits, our members can take advantage of the below membership benefits to save money and improve their businesses."

Save Money On

  • Office Depot copying/printing and supplies
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Health Insurance
  • Green Business Bureau Membership

Savings Programs

Office Depot Savings Program

SCSBCC members and supporters can receive unbeatable discounts on copying/printing and office supplies through our national discount program with ODP Business Solutions, formerly Office Depot Business Solutions.  You will be joining in the largest and most tenured office supply discount program for chambers across the country that gives discounts on copy paper, ink, toner and general supplies.

Send an email to and ask for your Store Discount Card good at any Office Depot.

Credit Card Processing Eliminating Up To 100% of Processing Fees

Are you tired of paying BIG processing fees every month to your credit card company?

There is a solution and you will get a $10 check just for finding out.

An SC-based payment processor can help you eliminate up to 100% of those processing fees securely and reliably.

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce encourages you to learn more about PayRilla, our preferred credit card processing service, and how it can cut your costs and thus make you more profitable.

PayRilla's full-service acquirer model offers:

  1. Elimination of up to 100% of monthly processing fees with cash discounting.
  2. High-quality local customer service.
  3. A range of payment processing options, including credit and debit card payments, as well as mobile and online payment solutions.
  4. Secure and reliable transactions.
  5. Cutting-edge technology.
  6. A South Carolina-based business with a commitment to our state business community.

By choosing PayRilla for your payment processing service, you can cut costs and maximize your profits.

Contact the SC Small Business Chamber at or 803-252-5733 for more information.

We will send you a check for $10 just for asking about this service and connect you to PayRilla for more information.

Trusted Health Insurance Assistance

Premiums for health insurance for small business owners and others over the age of 50 have gone up over 40% in the last 2 years! Telemarketing scams of health plans are growing because of the big increases in health insurance.

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce has selected a Columbia-based insurance broker who services the entire state, as our preferred provider.

Our trusted insurance broker for over 7 years can help you find insurance options that are both affordable and provide very good benefits.

A 5-minute call could save you 15 – 70% on health insurance for you, your family and your employess.  Contact the South Carolina Small Business Chamber at or 803-252-5733 for more information.

Green Business Bureau Membership

SCSBCC members can now sign up and save 20% on a Green Business Bureau (GBB) Membership!

You will be joining thousands of businesses that have decided that business sustainability is integral to their companies’ mission and success. Businesses join GBB for 3 reasons: Recognition, Guidance, and Savings.

As a Member, you will have full access to GBB’s leading online EcoAssessment, certification program, and green business seal. GBB also provides an EcoPlanner application, a library of green initiatives, and other green business resources which will help you at whatever stage you are in your company’s sustainability journey.

No other environmental organization and certification offer GBB’s combination of credibility, comprehensiveness, ease-of-use and flexibility.

Member benefits:

  • Access to online assessment and eco library of initiatives
  • Membership seals, badges & marketing materials
  • Credit for prior sustainability efforts
  • Guided greening initiatives to become greener
  • Industry-specific programs
  • Marketing opportunities & support
  • Latest green trends & information
  • Recognition as a green leader

Join GBB and become a more sustainable business and showcase to your employees, stakeholders, and the world that sustainability is important to your company.

Learn More: Here

Become a member now: Here


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