5/28/15 Newsletter: Hispanic Consumers, Free Credit Care Equipment, & More

Market opportunities in the growth of the Hispanic consumers

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce wants to help our members reach out to the rapidly growing Hispanic market.  To do so we are forming a partnership with the South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SCHCC) for communications between our two memberships and advocacy collaboration.  You might have already seen our social media making the SCHCC Weekly Connections available to you.  In the future you will also receive messages directly from the SCHCC.  Of course you will be able to opt-out of these messages. The Hispanic market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the state.  Don’t miss the potential for your business.

Don’t own or lease credit card processing devices…we have them for free with no contract

Our members are not only saving money on credit card processing expenses, but they also are not signing long-term, costly contracts for equipment.  Put our credit card processing membership benefit to work for you and start saving money with no obligations.  Click here to receive more information.

On Workers’ Compensation Insurance the Small Business Chamber and insurance industry actually agree: “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”

Insurance works best when everybody is in the pool.  That’s the way our state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance works.  Every business with 4 or more employees must have workers’ comp on employees.  But now some giant companies want to pass legislation to allow them to pull out of our state system.   What will that mean for our small businesses?  Higher premiums because the pool of insured employees shrinks.  Competitive disadvantage because your big business competitors won’t have to pay workers’ comp premiums.    Even the insurance industry opposes this idea.  Read the story here and get outraged.

Got a beef with a federal regulation?

Contact our president and CEO, Frank Knapp, at fknapp@scsbc.org or 803-252-5733.  He serves on the Small Business Administration’s Regulatory Fairness Board for Region IV.  In this role he is an advisor to the SBA National Ombudsman and is your conduit to getting a direct response from the federal agency with which your business has a problem.

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