9/15/15 Newsletter: Public Opinion Poll, Events & Credit Cards

9/15/15 Newsletter: Public Opinion Poll, Events & Credit Cards

Here are three BIG issues that always generate a lot of controversy in the South Carolina media.

  • The proposed Environmental Protection Agency “Clean Power Plan” regulations that have set carbon reduction goals for every state to address climate change.
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to at least $10 per hour (South Carolina uses the federal minimum wage).
  • Expanding Medicaid by accepting federal dollars under the Affordable Care Act.

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber supports each of the above positions because we believe they would:

  1. Protect our coastal small business tourism economy from out-of-control rising seas.
  2. Put more money on Main Street to increase consumer demand for small business goods and services.
  3. Create a healthier workforce and eliminate a significant driver of health insurance premium increases—cost shifting of health care for the uninsured to the insured.

But inevitably whenever the media does a story on these issues, reporters always pit other business organizations against the Small Business Chamber.
So it is good to know, thanks to Public Policy Polling, that a majority of South Carolina citizens supports the Small Business Chamber position not just on one or two of these issues but ALL THREE!
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On the Small Business Chamber website is a listing of local events sponsored by resource partners to help small business owners build their knowledge, make their voices heard and network with others. Sponsored events include seminars, webinars, workshops and networking events for all types of small businesses, including start-ups and microbusinesses.

Visit our resource page often to see upcoming events.  View our events page here.

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