Allow 3rd Party Financing of Solar Panels
Bill would make solar energy affordable for homes and commercial buildings
Don’t let the state’s energy companies do what they did in the S.C. House—stop a bill that will allow 3rd parties to finance solar panels on buildings and sell the electricity to the occupant owners.
A public hearing will be held on Wednesday, April 17th, at 10AM in room 308 of the Gressette Building on the “Energy System Freedom of Ownership Act” (S.536). 
Contact the Senators below and ask them to:
Support the free market by allowing 3rd party financing and ownership of solar panels placed on the roofs of homes and businesses.  Vote for S.536.
This bill would eliminate the biggest obstacle to solar energy—the upfront costs.  The owners of the building would buy the electricity produced by the solar panels at a rate less than off the grid thus saving money while the investors earn a fair return on their investment. The bill limits how much energy can be produced in this way to protect the energy companies from economic loss.
If you can be at this meeting to support the bill, please attend.
You are also invited to join attend the SC Conservation Lobby Day Oyster Roast that evening from 6-9 at the Seibels House in Columbia.
Call Senators:
Luke Rankin (Chair), phone: (803) 212-6410
Brad Hutto, phone: (803) 212-6140
Ross Turner, phone:(803) 212-6148
Thanks for your support.
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