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Solar tax credits for commercial buildings
Contact Senators before noon Tuesday
The Senate Finance Committee will vote on H.3346 this Tuesday afternoon at 3PM.  The bill provides for tax credits for the installation of solar equipment on commercial buildings.  This will make solar energy more affordable for small businesses to address the ever escalating energy costs.  It will also jump-start a small business solar industry in our state.
Please contact the Senators below before noon on Tuesday (April 24th).
The message is:
Please vote YES on H.3346 to help make solar equipment for small commercial buildings more affordable and encourage the growth of a solar industry.
Senate Finance Committee (click on name to send email)
Leatherman, Hugh K., Sr., Chairman         (803) 212-6640
Land, John C., III                                         (803) 212-6180
Setzler, Nikki G.                                            (803) 212-6140
Leventis, Phil P.                                             (803) 212-6000
Peeler, Harvey S., Jr.                                    (803) 212-6430
Thomas, David L.                                         (803) 212-6240
McGill, J. Yancey                                          (803) 212-6132
Courson, John E.                                          (803) 212-6250
Matthews, John W., Jr.                                (803) 212-6056
O’Dell, William H.                                         (803) 212-6040
Reese, Glenn G.                                             (803) 212-6108
Hayes, Robert W., Jr.                                   (803) 212-6410
Ryberg, W. Greg                                           (803) 212-6320
Alexander, Thomas C.                                  (803) 212-6220
Grooms, Lawrence K. “Larry”                   (803) 212-6400
Pinckney, Clementa C.                                 (803) 212-6148
Fair, Michael L.                                             (803) 212-6420
Verdin, Daniel B. “Danny”, III                   (803) 212-6230
Cromer, Ronnie W.                                      (803) 212-6330
Bryant, Kevin L.                                           (803) 212-6024
Elliott, Dick                                                    (803) 212-6116
Jackson, Darrell                                            (803) 212-6048
Anderson, Ralph                                           (803) 212-6032
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