Access to Capital vote on Tuesday
Tell Graham and DeMint to do it the right way
The U.S. Senate will vote tomorrow (March 20th) on legislation to create another path for small businesses to access capital.  The Small Business Chamber has supported the idea of allowing limited investments in small businesses with relatively low caps on total investments sought.  This is called “crowdfunding”.  In exchange for limited investment caps, the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) normal requirements would be reduced to eliminate much of the cost and time for compliance that prohibits most small businesses from accessing investment capital.
However, “crowdfunding” legislation done properly is a careful balance between reducing investor risk through low investment caps and thus lowering SEC oversight.  We have worked with a bi-partisan group of Senators to achieve this balance.   Unfortunately, the U.S. House has passed and sent to the Senate legislation (JOBS Act) that includes a “crowdfunding” provision that throws this careful balance out the window and will bring the greed and fraud on Wall Street that gave us the Great Recession to Main Street investments.  
Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has characterizes the vote tomorrow this way.  ““There’s a right way to get capital in the hands of small businesses and a wrong way.  If we take the wrong path and fall off of a cliff, we are going to ruin our chances to get this done.” 
Please contact S.C. Senators Graham and DeMint quickly.  Below are two easy ways to do this.  Your message should be twofold:
Vote YES for cloture on Reed-Landrieu-Levin’s Substitute Amendment to the JOBS Act.
If Reed-Landrieu-Levin fails, Vote NO for cloture on the House Bill (H.R. 3606)
The first vote would substitute the Senate INVEST Act that includes our crowdfunding provision for the JOBS Act.  The latter vote will insure more debate and amendments to the JOBS Act so that we “don’t fall off of a cliff”.
Send your message to our Senators in an email letter provided by the American Sustainable Business Council.  Click here to send email.

Or call both our Senators and give the above message.

Senator Jim DeMint 
Senator  Lindsey Graham 
Thanks for your help.
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