Action Alert!!!

   You still have time to kick SC solar industry into high gear
Act Now!!  Vote is at 3:00 today
The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce supports H.3346, which provides for a 35% state tax credit for the installation of solar energy equipment in commercial buildings. We believe that this legislation will greatly help promote the growth of our state’s solar businesses and create many new jobs as it has done in North Carolina.  Most of these new jobs will be created by small businesses in the industry. 
In addition to the economic benefit to the state, a vibrant solar industry will help create a sustainable energy future for our state, reduce the need for construction of expensive new energy producing plants and also reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change that threatens our small-business tourism industry.
Contact the Senators below before 1:00 today.  The subcommittee on the bill is at 3:00 today.  Call or email.  Ask that they vote for H.3346

Senators (click on name for email) 

Billy O’Dell,  Chairman  (803) 212-6040      

Harvey Peeler (803) 212-6430

Glenn Reese (803) 212-6108

Mike Fair (803) 212-6420

Dick Elliott  (803) 212-6116

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