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Put small business development on State’s agenda
The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce has been a leading advocate of the state putting more emphasis on small business economic development.  Senate Bill 1089 has been introduced to do just that.  It would create the Division of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development in the S.C. Department of Commerce. 
One primary duty of this new office would be to help local units of government grow locally-owned businesses by giving them expert guidance and facilitation in developing and implementing a small business growth plan.  Such a small business program was very successful in Georgia under former Governor Sonny Purdue.  This boots on the ground effort mirrors what the state currently does for big business recruitment.
Contact the Senators below before tomorrow (Wednesday) and ask that they vote for S.1089.  Tell them:
Small business development is just as important as big business recruitment.  Local government needs the same professional help in developing and implementing a small business growth plan as they do for big business recruitment.  A Division of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development is the commitment to small business economic development that we need.
The Senators on the subcommittee will vote on this bill this Wednesday morning.  Please use the links below to email them or call their state offices today.
Senators (click on name for email)             Telephone       
Kevin Bryant, Chairman                                  (803) 212-6024
Shane Massey                                                     (803) 212-6000
Lee Bright                                                                              (803) 212-6108
Glenn Reese                                                        
 (803) 212-6108
Kent Williams                                                       (803) 212-6008

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