Action Alert!!

Protect Workers’ Comp Rates from Special Interests Wanting More Money
The Workers’ Compensation Commission is asking the Legislature for a free hand at changing the way medical providers are compensated.  Well-financed special interest medical providers are pushing for this change.  If they are successful, the result will be higher premiums for the small businesses of our state. 
This Wednesday at 9AM, three Senators will hold a public hearing on R.4188.  The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina Small Business Regulatory Review Committee and the American Insurance Association all oppose R.4188.
We need your help.  Please contact the three Senators below and ask them to vote NO on R.4188.  Please tell them the following:
The current system for determining compensation to medical providers is objective and fair.  The General Assembly should not give the Workers’ Compensation Commission the power to make changes to this system without first going to the Legislature with a specific proposal.  A vote for R.4188 is a vote for raising workers’ compensation insurance premiums on small businesses.
Please email or call the state offices of these Senators immediately.  They’re contact information can be found below.
Tom Davis        
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