Action Alert!!! Call Senators Graham and Scott NOW!

Congratulations to five of our 7 U.S. House members for opposing the government-funding bill that barely passed the House late yesterday.  They were Jeff Duncan, Trey Gowdy, Mick Mulvaney, Tom Rice and Mark Sanford.

Buried in the 1600+ page bill is a provision to once again put the American taxpayer on the hook for bailing out big banks that gamble with their depositors’ money.

It is exactly this kind of big-bank bad behavior that led to the Great Recession and then the 2010 passage of the Dodd-Frank Act that made the greedy big banks move their risky betting out of their banks and taxpayer protection.  The recession and the bank bailouts also led to the emergence of the Tea Party.

While progressives and Tea Party folks don’t always see eye to eye on issues, they agree that big banks should be doing banking not gambling with the taxpayers backstopping their risky bets.  The budget bill passed by the House yesterday opens the door for this big-bank greed all over again that will inevitably lead to another bank bailout and probably another Great Recession.

It is now the Senate’s turn to vote.  Don’t let anymore South Carolina Congressmen support big banks over taxpayers.  Let’s make sure that our two U.S. Senators vote “NO” and force this bad provision out of the budget bill.

Call or email now

Contact Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott immediately since the vote might happen later this afternoon.  Tell them to vote against the budget until the big banks gambling provision is removed.  Tell them to support the taxpayers not the big banks.

Senator Lindsey Graham:  202-224-5972 (press 2), email by clicking here

Senator Tim Scott: ((202) 224-6121 email by clicking here

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