ACTION ALERT!!! Compensation for Zoning Changes

This Wednesday at 10 a.m., a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee will hold a hearing on S.280, legislation that would require cash compensation for real property deemed nonconforming under new local zoning regulations.


The Small Business Chamber supports S.280 because it is simply a matter of common sense and fairness. A businessperson or individual’s real property should not be intentionally taken from them or devalued by a change in government zoning regulations without fair compensation. Small business owners who have worked hard over the years to accumulate property should not have their efforts erased due to the winds of change on our local governing bodies. If the “greater public good” justifies a new zoning regulation, then all must sacrifice for the cause not just a specific property owner.


Please contact the following Senators before this Wednesday (6/4) and ask them to support S.280. Tell them that local government should be willing to fairly compensate property owners when property is devalued or taken by new zoning regulations.



Larry Martin 803-212-6340

Maggie Glover 803-212-6116

Luke Rankin 803-212-6132

Jim Richie 803-212-6008


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