ACTION ALERT!! Save an Open and Free Internet

This week a Federal Circuit Court made a ruling that will turn the Internet into cable TV—for sale to the highest bidder. Internet providers like Verizon, Time Warner Cable and AT&T will now be able to extort fees from any business that wants to speed up access to its website versus their competitor’s or even block access to competitor websites. News providers like MSNBC and FOX News can make a deal with Internet providers so that only their news stories come up in a search.

Net neutrality is dead with this ruling. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is now prevented from stopping access discrimination by Internet providers.

But there is hope. The FCC can reassert its ability to protect small businesses and re-establish an open and free Internet by adopting new rules to cover the Internet.

Sign a petition to the FCC insisting that they take this needed action. Go to and click on “take action now”.

If your small business wants to continue to have equal opportunity to reach consumers on the Internet, TAKE ACTION NOW.

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