Action Alert!!! Stop Unfair Communication Between PSC Commissioners and Utilities

A House/Senate Conference Committee will meet at 12:30 this Tuesday (6/3) to again try to work out differences on S.208, Public Service Commission Reform. The specific issue up for debate on Tuesday is ex parte communication, communication with a commissioner or advisory staff member on a matter that may become an issue in an upcoming proceeding. This kind of private “lobbying” of commissioners is unfair to the public and small business community because it is often used by the utilities to provide unchallenged information that will help the companies when it is time for a rate hearing before the PSC.

The Small Business Chamber feels that ex parte communication should be prohibited entirely as the Senate has voted. The House wants to prohibit such unfair “lobbying” only 90 days prior to a rate request being filed by a utility.

Please contact the following House members on the Conference Committee before noon this Tuesday (6/3) and ask them to vote to totally prohibit ex parte communication in S.208 because it is unfair to the public and small businesses.

The House Conference Committee members are:

Harry Cato 803-734-3015
Bill Sandifer 803-734-2990
Doug Jennings 803-734-3065

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