ACTION ALERT!! Support Solar Bill S.1189

Contact subcommittee today

The future of solar energy in South Carolina is now in the hands of the SC House of Representatives.  Senate Bill 1189 has passed the Senate and will be in a House subcommittee tomorrow (May 13th).  After years of trying to pass legislation that would encourage the growth of solar energy, the utilities and solar proponents have crafted a good compromise bill.

Please contact the subcommittee members listed below with this message:

Please vote yes on Senate Bill 1189 that will advance the use of solar energy in our state both by our private utilities and directly by consumers.  This carefully crafted bill recognizes the interests of the utilities as well as allowing for more opportunities for residential and business property owners to benefit from generating some of their own energy needs.  In addition this legislation will invigorate the growth of a small business solar industry resulting in job creation. 

Subcommittee members.  Click on the name to send email.

The Honorable P. Michael “Mike” Forrester, Chairman
The Honorable William K. “Bill” Bowers
The Honorable Grady A. Brown
The Honorable Phillip D. Lowe
The Honorable Dennis C. Moss
The Honorable William E. “Bill” Sandifer, Chairman LCI


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