ACTION ALERT!! Support Solar Energy

Legislative subcommittee votes tomorrow at 9

Tomorrow (Feb. 7) at 9AM a legislative subcommittee holds a hearing on H.3659, the “South Carolina Energy Freedom Act”.  Below are the legislators you should contact to support solar energy and energy efficiency in our state.

H.3659 would protect the rights of customers—residential and businesses—“to utilize energy cost-saving measures”.  It would also prohibit utilities from actions that would target customers with higher costs for taking measures to reduce the amount of electricity they purchase from utilities.  The bill also promotes net metering.

H.3659 also includes the “Clean Energy Access Act” that prescribes that utilities purchase electricity from solar farms if the cost is less than the utility building a new generation facility.  The bill also provides for neighborhood community solar facilities and enables low-income customers to affordably participate.

Contact these House members today and ask them to vote for H.3659.

Mike Forrester, Chair (803)212-6792

Craig Gagnon            (803)212-6934

Kevin Hardee            (803)212-6796

Joseph H. Jefferson (803)724-2936

David J. Mack            (803) 734-3192

Russell L. Ott             (803)212-6945

McLain Toole            (803)734-2973

John West                   (803) 212-6954

Brian White              (803)734-3066

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