July should be a very busy month for Congress, which is expected to consider two massive proposals with sweeping implications across multiple issues about which the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and our members care deeply. Among these are infrastructure, climate change, clean water, transportation, paid leave, broadband access and transportation. We’re asking our members to weigh in with the voice of the sustainable business community during virtual Capitol Hill meetings the week of July 19.

A bipartisan group of senators reached agreement with President Biden on a framework for an infrastructure bill described as the largest in U.S. history, but still falls short of the President’s commitments, especially on tackling climate change, and with no provisions toward human infrastructure, such as a national paid leave program.


The President has said he wants a second, larger bill that will address those priority issues, and Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate insist legislative action must take place on both measures concurrently. At this point, there is no definitive legislative language for either measure, but given what is not included in the bipartisan infrastructure framework, we believe it is essential that Congress move both measures together.

To make the voice of sustainable business heard on Capitol Hill, we ask that you register for the virtual Hill Days on July 20 through 22 when ASBC will be scheduling meetings with key members and staff in both chambers to press for passage of both measures.

As meetings are scheduled, ASBC will send out calendar invites
so you can respond based on your schedule.


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