Are you and your employees eligible for low- or no-cost quality health insurance?

On September 19th join a free, 30-minute webinar sponsored by the SC Primary Health Care Association and the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

You’ll learn about the quality health insurance plans available to small business owners and workers, premium assistance to make the plans affordable, and criteria for accessing the coverage.

Over 300,000 South Carolinians have obtained low- or no-cost health insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Many small business owners have turned to the Marketplace for individual plans for themselves and their employees.  Employers have dumped their inexpensive, low-benefit health plans for full-benefit plans and still paid less.  Four out of five workers are paying $10 or less for quality plans.

Details on webinar:

Monday, September 19th

Register using this link:

The open enrollment period for the Marketplace starts November 1st.

Get ready now!

For more information, call 803-252-5733

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