Billboard Truth

This past weekend I was in the Pittsburgh, PA, area visiting relatives. (They’re all fine. Thanks for asking.)

On the way back to the airport a billboard caught my eye. It read:

“Imagine. A bank that actually lends money.”

What a great billboard! It resonates with the public because everybody knows that banks have almost stopped lending money for many things—especially small business loans.

image: Mansfield Tourism*

So let’s give the bank with this insightful marketing campaign some credit.

Check out Huntington Bank. They claim to be the 5th largest SBA lender in the country.

The only problem I see with this bank is that its service area is Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Come on down, Huntington. If you’re lending money, South Carolina has business for you.

*Fun fact: according to an Ohio tourism site, the above-pictured bank building in Ashland, Ohio was used as a filming location for the Oscar-nominated movie, The Shawshank Redemption (1994). After Tim Robbins’ character escapes from Shawshank prison, he visits a number of banks, including this one, to accomplish some serious financial wizardry.

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