Bipartisanship breaks out in SC and US Senates

This week a handful of Republican and Democratic Senators in Columbia and Washington found common ground on two important issues.

In Columbia 15 Senators of both parties have introduced legislation to allow a third party to finance and own solar panels on a home or commercial building and sell the electricity to the building owners.  This same legislation had been side tracked in the House thanks to the power companies.
In Congress Senators Levin, McCain and Whitehouse have offered an amendment to close corporate tax loopholes including offshore tax loopholes to reduce the deficit.
The South Carolina Small Business Chamber supports both efforts.
A quick update on the “most favored nation” bill that had a subcommittee this week in the SC Senate.  The bill will receive another public hearing since the two Senators at this week’s meeting were disappointed that no insurance companies or healthcare providers testified.  Thanks to all who responded to our Action Alert.
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