“Business Case for Clean Water” with Sen. Ben Cardin & Rep. Bobby Scott

August 19, 1PM ET

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Clean water is an essential ingredient for life and plays a significant role in our economy. A majority of business leaders agree.

Yet our access to clean water is threatened by an assault on the Clean Water Act. The previous administration removed vital protections for countless wetlands and waterways.

Join the American Sustainable Business Council for a virtual policy roundtable on Thursday, August, 19th at 1:00pm ET for the “Business Case for Clean Water”.

Hear from the experts like Rick Baumann, SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce Board. 

Roundtable participants are:

Ben Cardin, U.S. Senator (D-MD)
Bobby Scott, U.S. Representative (D-VA)
Jon Devine, Federal Policy Director, NRDC
Avi Garbow, Environmental Advocate, Patagonia
Dominique Luckenhoff, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and

Hugo Neu – Kearny Point
Rick Baumann, Company Founder and Owner, Murrells Inlet Seafood
Ryan Bethea, Owner, Oysters Carolina

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