Buy SC and Help the State’s Economy

The S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce will be launching a new website this month and we want your business listed on our new “BuySC” page.


The “BuySC” section of our new website will promote the buying of goods and services from South Carolina businesses. The economic benefit of keeping our dollars in our state and local economies is great. The money churns through our economy many times creating even more demand for our goods and services resulting in job creation.

That is what “BuySC” is all about. Growing our local and state economy at the local level by encouraging people and businesses to buy from South Carolina-owned businesses. Each county will have its own page for members like you to tell about their business, goods and services, and discounts offered to visitors of the site.

Heavy Promotion

The Small Business Chamber will drive traffic to the “BuySC” page by constant promotion to our own members and non-members using search engines. The “BuySC” campaign will also be included in our Facebook and blog sites. Your discounts will be an important incentive for visits to the section.

Dirt Cheap Advertising

“BuySC” is available for you to promote your business as a “Friend” of the Small Business Chamber for only $50 a year.

In addition to being listed on our “BuySC” site, you will also receive all the Small Business Chamber e-newsletters, e-alerts, legislative e-updates and free admission to future business seminars sponsored by the Small Business Chamber.

To learn more or sign up today for “BuySC”, call 803-252-5733 or e-mail the Small Business Chamber at:

Together we can make South Carolina a more small business friendly state. Here is a preview of what our new home page will look like.

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