Call Senator Reid TODAY for filibuster reform

This might be a decisive week for the U.S. Senate that will determine if it can carry on the routine business of the body to approve or not approve Presidential nominations to head agencies and to serve on the courts. 

According to a story in The Hill this morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will meet with members of the Senate Democratic Caucus today or Thursday to gauge support for reducing the number of votes needed to change the rules of the Senate from 67 to a simple majority of 51.    

Without this rule change important appointments to head major agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board will continue to be stalled by filibusters that prevent even an up or down vote on the nominations.  This is no way to run a railroad let alone the most powerful country in the world.

Earlier efforts this year were made to convince Senator Reid that all the filibuster rules of the Senate needed to be changed, possibly requiring a “talking filibuster” as I argued for in an opinion editorial in The HiIl.  While that effort failed, ending filibusters for nominees to head agencies or serve on the courts is a big step.

Call Senator Reid’s office today and leave him a message to change the filibuster rules.  Call him at 202-224-3542.  You can either ask to talk to a staff person or simply leave a voice message.

Call now.  202-224-3542. 
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