Congratulations Palmetto Project

Congratulations Palmetto Project

Congratulations are in order for South Carolina’s Palmetto Project. This 20+ year old, multi-dimensional organization has received for the second year the statewide Navigator grant under the Affordable Care Act to help individuals AND small businesses access health insurance through the Marketplace.

In Palmetto Project’s first year of the grant the results were exceptional. South Carolina had the greatest percentage increase in health insurance enrollment through the Marketplace of all the Southeastern states. In addition, the results of the Palmetto Project’s first year showed an 8 percent increase in enrollees paying their premiums.

Not only has this been great news for the newly insured South Carolinians but also for the private health insurance companies that provide the coverage.

In the interest of full disclosure, the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce has beem a partner with Palmetto Project both during their first year and now into the second year of the grant. Our responsibility is for outreach to the small business community to educate about the opportunities for small businesses under the Affordable Care Act in general and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) specifically.

So congratulations to Palmetto Project and all the partner organizations that have been doing a great job in helping to bring affordable health insurance to our state. We at the Small Business Chamber are proud to be a part of this great effort.