Congress Called Upon to Pass Election Security Legislation


Date:       September 30, 2019
From:      Protect Democracy USA
Subject:   Congress Called Upon to Pass Election Security Legislation
Contact:  Frank Knapp, 803-252-5733 (w), 803-600-6874 (c),

Congress Called Upon to Pass Election Security Legislation
Impeachment process highlights need for immediate action

Columbia, SC—Today “Protect Democracy USA” sent letters to select U.S. House and Senate members asking them “not to lose sight of the critical importance for immediate legislative action to protect our democracy by securing our elections.”

Protect Democracy USA is a business campaign calling on Congress and the President to protect our democracy from foreign and domestic interference that threatens our nation’s ideals of representative government resulting in loss of faith and participation in our democracy.

“There is no better time than now for Congress to pass legislation needed to prevent foreign interference in our elections,” said Frank Knapp Jr., campaign coordinator of Protect Democracy USA.  “The coming impeachment process and past intelligence community reports show our country’s vulnerability and the public will rightly be asking ‘What has Congress done to protect our democracy’.”

A healthy democracy is crucial to a sustainable free market in which entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs.  Small businesses thrive in an appropriately regulated capitalist economy where the exchange of goods and services is impacted by supply and demand not controlled by government.  Anything that threatens our democracy, a government by the people, threatens the free market that small businesses depend upon and cherish.

“The Senate has numerous bipartisan bills waiting for debate and votes.  Instead of only watching and commenting on the House’s impeachment process, Senators, especially Republicans, should be passing effective legislation to protect our democracy going forward.  It is in the nation’s best interest and their own,” said Knapp.



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