Debate fact-checking long overdue – Hooray for Candy!

The Hill’s Congressional Blog
October 17, 2012

By Frank Knapp, Jr., president and CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce

One of the highlights of last night’s presidential debate was moderator Candy Crowley’s real-time fact-checking about when President Barrack Obama first used the word “terror” in reference to the murders in Benghazi. We needed such quick corrections in the first debates on another important issue.

In those debates inaccurate statements were made about how allowing the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest 2 percent of Americans to expire on schedule at year-end would affect small-business owners.


While there appears to be no disagreement among the candidates that less than 3 percent of small business owners with pass-though business income would be impacted if these tax cuts ended, Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan said in the first two debates that these 3% of small-business owners employ most of the workers in small businesses and account for most of the pass-through small business income in this country.

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