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Our efforts this year are critical:

  • Protect solar net metering – Dominion Energy SC has proposed changes in their solar net metering program that will decrease the savings to individuals and small businesses wanting to use solar panels.  One solar company in South Carolina describes the proposed changes as “punishing businesses that want to generate their own electricity.”  SCSBCC President Frank Knapp has intervened in this Dominion solar docket.
  • Fight Electricity Rate Hikes – Dominion Energy SC has also filed to raise its electricity rates 7.7%.  SCSBCC President Frank Knapp has intervened in this Dominion solar docket.
  • Sell Santee Cooper – This state-owned utility ran up $4 billion in debt from its involvement in the nuclear construction project it abandoned in 2017.  Santee Cooper wants its customer to pay off this debt.  Instead, the state should sell the utility to an investor-owned utility that will agree to remove this debt from the customers, reduce rates and close existing coal plants quickly.
  • Reform the SBA – the U.S. is at a 40-year low in new business startups.  Doing more of the same is not going to fix the crisis.  The SBA should be given a bigger mission, more authority and increased budget to be the singular agency leading the charge for needed changes.

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