You can support the good work of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce with a small donation. Unlike other chambers, we don’t get large contributions from big businesses. So, every small donation helps.

Our efforts this year are critical:

  • Reduce Energy Costs – We are advocating for more solar in South Carolina, giving consumers a choice in their energy supplier, allowing the Public Service Commission to order the use of low interests bonds, and reforming utility regulations to reduce the influence of utilities.
  • Stop Offshore Oil Exploration and Drilling – We are the leading business organization advocating against oil exploration and drilling in the Atlantic. We and 16 coastal municipalities have filed a federal lawsuit to stop seismic permits from being issued.
  • Reduce Health Insurance Cost – We believe that every South Carolinian should have some form of health insurance. That is why we support expanding our Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act so that the uncompensated care of the uninsured is no longer being paid through higher insure premiums.

Individuals and businesses who are not dues-paying members can support us financially by giving a small donation. Your contribution will help us continue our efforts to make South Carolina not only better for small businesses, but better for all South Carolinians.

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