Federal Regulations

In 2011, SCSBCC’s President/CEO, Frank Knapp, joined the Board of Directors of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC).  He continues to serve on the ASBC Board.

In that capacity he has provided leadership to the organization in appearing before Congressional committees numerous times to testify on the importance of fair regulations that protect the environment for a sustainable economy and create a level playing field for small and big businesses (here, here, here and here, and here).

In January of 2015, the president and CEO of the SCSBCC, Frank Knapp Jr., was appointed to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Region IV Regulatory Fairness Board by SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet.  Regional Regulatory Fairness Boards in all 10 of SBA’s regions represent the voice of small business on regulatory fairness issues.

Each of the uncompensated Board members serves as a resource and point of contact for small business owners who feel they have experienced excessive federal regulatory enforcement and compliance actions. Regional Regulatory Fairness Board members advise the National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness.  The National Ombudsman and board members host regulatory fairness hearings and outreach events nationwide where small business owners report concerns about burdensome federal regulations.

In July of 2015, Mr. Knapp was appointed to chair the SBA Region IV Regulatory Fairness Board that includes South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.  In this position Mr. Knapp will coordinate outreach efforts in the Region IV states.

Mr. Knapp worked with members of Congress to develop legislation to provide more resources to the National Ombudsman’s Office to better assist small business comply with federal regulations.


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