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Green Business Bureau (GBB) has partnered with the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCC) to bring the GBB sustainability program to the South Carolina small business community.

GBB and SCSBCC are working together to make the business world greener and more sustainable.  We advocate for policy to reduce carbon pollution in order to fight climate change which is increases cost to the economy. Our partnership with GBB is our effort to enable businesses and their employees to personal work to achieve our environmental and economic goals. 

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Why Your Business Should Participate?
Environmental Action, Cut Business Costs, Increase Employee Satisfaction, and Attract Customers
Owner Benefits 
  • Environmental Action
    • Your business can fight climate change for you and your family today.
    • For your children and their children, become more socially and environmentally responsible. 
  • Cut Business Costs 
    • Taking actions to reduce your carbon footprint also often leads to cutting business costs.  The GBB Sustainability Program shows you how.
Increase Employee Satisfaction 
  • Studies have shown that younger generations want to work for sustainable companies.
  • Employees take pride in helping their employers be more green.
Attract Customers
  • More and more consumers want to buy from businesses that are taking steps to lower their carbon footprint.
  • Elevate your green brand and reputation by promoting your business’s GBB-certified sustainability efforts.   
Sharon Harris Owner of Helen’s Pound Cake, “you are actually doing something that brings attention to the devaluation of our environment every single day.  I wanted to join a community of like-minded individuals that were leading our communities towards real and lasting change.  My goal is to keep the topics of greening and sustainability front and center, and Green Business Bureau makes that all possible.”
What is GBB? 
Green Business Bureau’s globally recognized and unique self-paced certification process credits member businesses for green efforts already completed while empowering further improvement through step-by-step guides for implementing green best practices.
The Green Business Bureau program is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand. All initiatives are money-saving and deliver significant returns on investment that empower member companies to grow stronger and healthier every day.
Certification Program 
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GBB’s certification process is entirely initiative-based, so your company will receive points for each and every activity it completes. Initiatives are organized by the business area they impact, such as transportation or office materials, and further marked by the effort, cost, and greening impact of the initiative. This simple but flexible structure ensures your company can easily target and implement the efforts that best suit your company’s needs and opportunities



South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce Green Mission Statement
The SCBCCC is a statewide advocacy group for small businesses. Our general mission is to promote policies that create sustainability and profitability for small businesses. Climate change and carbon emissions represent a threat to our general mission.


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