Groundhog says….

The economy is getting better.  I don’t have to rely on the monthly jobs reports, the next being this Friday, to tell me that.  I can just look at my fax machine.
Prior to the Great Recession, I would receive probably 1 or 2 unsolicited faxes a day promoting vacations, loans, insurance, etc.  When the economy went into the tank, that all stopped.  Those hawking these mostly shady offers weren’t getting a return on their investment.  The gullible or desperate couldn’t be enticed with these “too good to be true” offers.
But several months ago I started getting one of these fax offers a week.  Then more recently two would come in per week. 
This morning I had two great opportunities waiting for me on my fax, one for affordable life insurance and the other for health insurance.  The economy is picking up speed. 
Want another grass roots economic indicator?  Yesterday I was talking to a guy who works in the rent-to-own car business.  He told me that he now has to recover about 5 cars a month from customers not paying.  Last year he was having twice as many cars recovered. 
I’ll let the experts give us their economic forecasts.  But my “groundhog” indicators are predicting an earlier than expected economic recovery.
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