Haley consensus majority winner in rolling RCV Presidential Primary Poll, as of August 8, 2023

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August 8, 2023

Columbia, SC—Forget the political pundits.  Who do most South Carolinians prefer for President?

On August 1, the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce and Better Ballot SC launched a rolling, monthly Presidential Primary poll using instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting).

Under this growing-in-popularity election system, candidates must win with a majority of votes thus insuring that they have the support of most of the voters, unlike the common plurality election system when a candidate can win with less that 50% of the vote.

No runoffs are necessary with this election system.

This online unscientific poll offers the opportunity for voters to learn how instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting works and to share how they really feel about the Presidential candidates.

South Carolinians are encouraged to vote in every month’s new poll. (Here is a 90-second video tutorial)

The Republican Presidential poll can be found here: https://www.betterballotsc.org/republican-poll/

The Democratic Presidential poll can be found here: https://www.betterballotsc.org/democratic-poll/


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Frank Knapp, 803-600-6874
Clint Eisenhauer, 843-822-1194



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