Health Care News for Small Business

From now until Election Day all you are going to hear from some political candidates is how the new health care law is bad for small businesses.

Of course this isn’t true but without something more tangible than common sense to counter the misinformation, confusion reigns.

So here is the good news. A study appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that the new health care law will be good for small businesses and their employees.

The study conducted by the highly respected Rand Corporation using their sophisticated computer modeling predicts that small businesses will pay less for health insurance under the new law when fully implemented. The reduction will be due to the health insurance exchanges that create large pools of employees and individuals buying insurance thus driving down premiums and create other advantages for small business such as lower administration costs.

Unfortunately the authors of the study—Christine Eibner, Peter S. Hussey, and Federico Girosi—do not take into consideration the immediate reduction in health insurance costs for small businesses due to the tax credits now available for those with less than 25 employees.

However, the tangible scientific evidence now belongs to those of us who supported the new health care law. But unfortunately, the political naysayers don’t believe in science. So the misinformation machine will just keep rolling.

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