The South Carolina Small Business Chamber wants to remind you that group health insurance is always available through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace.  Created under the Affordable Care Act, the SHOP Marketplace offers employers a choice of group health insurance and dental plans and tools for making informed choices. Through SHOP, qualified small businesses can also receive health insurance tax credits of up to 50%.  You can shop yourself or use an independent insurance broker/agent at no extra cost.

For more information and assistance about SHOP call or email Brad Zaba at the South Carolina Small Business Chamber: 803-252-5733/

ALSO if you do not offer group health insurance, your employees can obtain individual coverage starting on November 1st online, through a Marketplace Navigator or an independent insurance broker/agent.  Your employees might be eligible for premium assistance to make the health insurance more affordable.  Since the law does require all citizens, with exceptions, to have health insurance, please remind your employees of the obligation.  Consider asking a Navigator or independent insurance broker/agent to come to your place of business to help your employees in the enrollment process.

Thanks for your support of our effort to have every South Carolinian secure some form of health insurance. It makes for healthier and more productive workers as well as helps to minimize the need for premium increases.




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