Health insurance is NOW more affordable!

2 upcoming webinars show how

 September 19, 2023

These webinars will explain how you, your business, and your employees can save money on health insurance.

Are you tired of paying ever increasing health insurance premiums for yourself or your group health coverage?

Do your employees need health insurance, but it is too expensive for your business to offer?

If you answer yes to either of the above, one or maybe both of these webinars are for you.

September 21st at 3PM:  Hear how employers are helping their workers get quality individual health insurance with most premiums between $0 and $10 a month.  The SC Primary Health Care Association will tell you how and how they can help.  Register here for this free webinar:

October 5th at 3PM:  Hear how businesses are dropping their group health plans and switching to individually controlled HRAs, an innovative way to offer top-tier benefits to your employees while maintaining cost-efficiency.  Business owners are saving money while still providing comprehensive benefits.  Hear about this cutting-edge employer-health approach from experts.  Register for this free webinar by sending an email to

Quit complaining about the cost of health insurance

 Join one of these 2 free webinars

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