Help communities be more small-business friendly

Since 2006 the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCC) has been advocating for our Department of Commerce to develop a community-based development plan modeled after one started in 2004 by Georgia’s Republican Governor Sonny Perdue.  The concept was simple but effective.  Help local communities become more small-business friendly by providing expert consultation on the ground to develop a plan and assist in working the plan. 
Our Department of Commerce has always supplied that kind of on the ground support for community efforts to recruit big business and we should do the same to help grow small business.  Unfortunately, Commerce and our Governors have never agreed with our proposal.  Consequently South Carolina still does not have a comprehensive and promising small business economic development plan.
Fortunately Senate Vincent Sheheen has been a supporter of our concept and has introduced Senate Bill 1089 that would create a Division of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development within our Department of Commerce.  Included in the responsibilities of this Division would be the implementation of our community-based economic development assistance program.
The SCSBCC appreciates Senator Sheheen’s leadership on this important issue and supports S.1089.  You can reach Senator Sheheen to offer your support by clicking here.
You can also ask Senator Greg Ryberg, chairman of the Senate Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee, to support S.1089 by clicking here.
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