Help stop a bad business decision—Join public briefing call today

This is a crucial week in Washington. Congress is back in session and the White House is holding a meeting Thursday with Congressional leaders to discuss issues.

One of the issues will be extending tax cuts to the wealthiest 2 percent of the taxpayers—tax cuts that will increase the deficit by $700 billion over the next 10 years and not be effective at all in creating jobs and helping small businesses.

How can you help stop this bad business decision?

Join me in a public briefing to learn more today at 2:45 p.m., sign a petition (see below) and call your elected officials. Thanks to Business for Shared Prosperity for their hard work and coordination on this effort.

JOIN THE BRIEFING CALL on Monday, Nov. 15 at 2:45 PM EST with Frank Knapp, CEO and President of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, and Steve Wamhoff, Legislative Director of Citizens for Tax Justice. Insight on the issues, legislative environment and tips for taking action.

► Call in #: (760) 569-7676, access code 818215. Monday, Nov 15 at 2:45 pm EST

SIGN/CIRCULATE PETITION: Urge Congress to let the high-end, budget-busting tax cuts expire for taxable income above $250,000.We can’t afford to lose $700 billion to invest in small business job creation, education, health, infrastructure and renewable energy in the next decade.

► Sign the petition today

“Extending the high-end Bush tax cuts serves K Street lobbyists, not Main Street shop owners. Politicians should not use us to justify a very bad business decision.” – Frank Knapp, CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

Sign the petition and follow it up with a personal call or letter for maximum impact.

► Phone the White House Switchboard 202-456-1414; Comment line 202-456-1111

► Congressional switchboard 202-224-3121.

► Write Your Senator at

► Write Your Rep at

REPORT & TALKING POINTS: Restoring Top Tax Rates Makes Sense for Small Business.
 Our short report tells why it makes good business sense to reset top tax rates to where they were between 1993 and 2000 during the longest economic expansion in US history.

Read the Report, Use the Quotes and Talking Points


Press Release: Business Leaders Call on President, Congress to Let Bush’s High-End Tax Cuts Expire

Letter to the Editor: Write a short letter to the editor responding (pro or con) to an article, editorial or op-ed you see. Refer if you can to Business for Shared Prosperity. Letters to the editor are widely read!

Recent Press: Frank Knapp, We Didn’t Vote for This, The Hill

Talk to the Press: The more people involved, the more areas we can cover. Contact Bob Keener at or 617-610-6766.

Thank you for signing the petition, speaking out and spreading the word!

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