Hotel Association Calls for Support of CVB

After a successful eight and a half month effort to get the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau restructured, the Greater Columbia Hotel/Motel Association is calling on its members to rejoin the CBV.

On April 1 of this year, the hotel association launched a very strong lobbying and public relations effort to revamp the local CBV. Citing ineffectiveness in attracting conventions to the Columbia area and a deteriorating relationship between the CVB and the hotels, the association sought two important changes within the CBV.

First, the association called for a revision of the CBV bylaws to ensure board of director composition to reflect broader representation of the tourism industry. Second, the association called for a restructuring of CBV management and organization to place more emphasis on marketing and effective utilization of funds.

“We feel that the objectives of our association have been met,” said Patsy G. Hancock, association president. “The area hotels are looking forward to being a part of the CBV under its new bylaws, management and soon to be reconstituted board of directors.”

The hotel association will nominate four of its members to sit on the new CBV Board of Directors along with representatives from restaurants, attractions, transportation, the Cultural Council and Lake Murray Tourism.

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