House amendments blocked from vote. GOP Leadership worried that they might pass.

Numerous amendments to the Department of Interior’s budget that would block funding for offshore oil exploration and drilling in the Atlantic could have received a House vote this week.

Instead, yesterday Republican leadership blocked those amendments from even being considered by the whole House.

South Carolina Congressmen Mark Sanford, Tom Rice and James Clyburn were among the sponsors of these important bipartisan amendments.

One of the quarterbacks for all these amendments on the Hill is with a national organization.  Here was his assessment of yesterday’s actions:

“Republican leadership essentially controls the Rules Committee. Had they thought they had a winning whip count, then they would have allowed the amendment to go to the floor and lose.  However, since we have so many Republicans on our side, we have enough to win a vote. Essentially, Republican leadership was scared they would lose this vote and denied us the opportunity to have it.”

Thanks to all who responded to the request of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber and other organizations that you contact your House member to ask that they support the amendments to protect our coastal tourism, commercial fishing and recreation economies.

Your efforts worked too well.

So, GOP leadership stepped in putting the profits of the petroleum industry and the Trump Administration’s desire for more federal revenue above preserving our vibrant coastal economies that are dependent on a healthy ocean.

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