Legislation could help small businesses

Published in The Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Sen. John Hawkins, R-Spartanburg, announced Wednesday he will pre-file legislation at the State House to remove unnecessary regulation from small business.

He said the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act of 2004 would make state agencies more accountable in the way they regulate small businesses.

“Small business is the backbone of our state’s economy, but it’s under a constant threat of overzealous state regulators,” Hawkins said.

“It’s time to get state government off the backs of small business so they can survive and thrive in the new economy. Right now, state agencies have almost unlimited power to regulate small business owners right into the poorhouse.”

The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce, which has 9,000 members statewide, supports the bill.

“We support the effort to make government accountable for its actions that impact small businesses,” said Frank Knapp, the group’s president.

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