Letter to Governor Nikki Haley

October 10, 2011
The Honorable Nikki Haley
State House
Columbia, SC
Dear Governor Haley,
In an interview reported in The State yesterday you indicated your desire to revise the South Carolina tax code.  Specifically you mentioned that one of the goals of this process would be to phase out the corporate income tax in an effort to encourage companies to locate in our state.
As you know, the vast majority of small businesses in South Carolina are not organized for tax purposes as C-Corporations.  Consequently, the Mom and Pop businesses you are quoted as saying we “need to be helping” will not be directly helped by reducing or eliminating the corporate income tax.
We at the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce would like to work with you in developing a small business agenda to promote economic growth and job creation.  Our Board of Directors would like to meet you and your economic development team to discuss this issue.
Given that the legislative session will start in just three months, a prompt reply to our request for a meeting is essential.
Frank Knapp, Jr.
President & CEO
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