Look who your taxes are subsidizing

As America gets ready to finalize their taxes, you need to check out these three very short (less than 75 seconds) video clips to get your blood really boiling.  I am featured in the third clip.

Small Businesses Picking Up the Tab for Multinational Corporations?  http://youtu.be/4AicxgXgmZc

• Small businesses can’t escape the corporate tax rate, multinational corporations can – so who ends up paying?  Isn’t it time to level the playing field?

How Do Giant Corporations Get Away with “Legal” Tax Cheating?  http://youtu.be/ubjGmCIbrjQ

• See how multinational corporations lobby corporations to write their own tax laws. 

Who Pays for Corporate Tax Dodgers? YOU DO. http://youtu.be/XRNBNzJ42VM

• How multinational corporate tax cheating hurts the average tax payer.

More tomorrow.
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