March Newsletter

March Newsletter

March 10, 2017


Deciphering the Future of Health Insurance for Small Businesses 
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With Washington in turmoil over what to do about the healthcare law it is clear that any change won’t happen for several years.

So what are small businesses required to do now, if anything regarding health insurance.

Are there financial incentives for offering group health insurance?

What is the responsibility of employees for health insurance if group coverage isn’t offered?

If you offer group health insurance and an employee leaves, what is a better alternative to COBRA


Please contact Brad Zaba for more information.

Protecting the Atlantic Coast Effort Grows


At a meeting in North Myrtle Beach last September the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce co-founded the Business Alliance for Protecting the Atlantic Coast (BAPAC).

BAPAC’s efforts quickly spread with a petition opposing seismic testing and offshore drilling for oil/gas that obtained signatures represented over 35,000 businesses and 500,000 commercial fishing families  from Maine to Florida.  The effort paid off with the Obama Administration rejecting all petitions for testing for oil/gas in the Atlantic.

This week BAPAC formerly organized with a Board of Directors made up of local chambers and business groups from New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  Frank Knapp, president/CEO of the S.C. Small Business Chamber, was elected as BAPAC’s president/CEO.

All businesses supporting a healthy ocean that makes our vibrant coastal tourism, recreation and commercial fishing industries possible should sign the BAPAC petition:  Click here to sign

Simple Website Development

Website development will consist of planning, visual design, programming, content support, as well as the testing and launch of the website.  Let us create a simple one-page website for $200.  We are also able to create a multi-page website of up to 10 pages for $500.

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