Military base closures and corporate taxes . . . time to connect the dots

States and communities in many areas of the country are gearing up to protect their military bases from closures expected.  The reason given for the closures is the need to reduce the nation’s defense budget by $600 billion to address the country’s debt problem.
South Carolina has a Military Base Task Force that will try to convince the Pentagon to leave its state military bases alone and push the debt relief burden onto other states—cut them, not us.
But if the problem is not sufficient revenue, why is there never a mention by economic leaders of finding more money?  If our state and local economies will so devastated by base closures, why aren’t all the solutions on the table?
Tonight at 6:30 come see the independent film WE’RE NOT BROKE at the USC Law School auditorium (701 S. Main Street, Columbia).  Admission is free.  One solution to the hand-wringing by our business and political leaders over base closures will be on the silver screen—multinational corporations not paying their fair share of U.S. taxes. 
You’ll see a big reason for our debt problem, how these corporations avoid paying taxes and what to do about it.  Every member of the S.C. Military Base Task Force (and every taxpayer) should see this film to have their eyes opened and solution to their problem presented. 
WE’RE NOT BROKE.  Be there with me tonight at 6:30.
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