MLK Jr. Day of Service

So what are you doing on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service? If you have the day off, hopefully you have plans for how you are going to donate your time to make a difference today. If you don’t, check out your local paper and see how you can get plugged in.

Many of us are working but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t do something that will make our communities, state and nation better places. Put some creative thought into it.

As for me, I’m driving to Greenville (S C) to meet with the Greenville News editorial board to talk about why it is important that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) be successfully implemented. Sue Berkowitz (SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center) and John Ruoff (SC Fair Share) are going with me. This will be our MLK Jr. Day of Service activity.

Our organizations along with AARP-SC, the SC Public Health Institute and others have put together a comprehensive talking points document with factual information on many of the issues surrounding the ACA. It is a great reference for the debate this week in the U.S. House and for future false attacks both at the federal and state level.

So today go out and volunteer to make a difference. Tomorrow I’ll challenge you to make a difference with your telephone.

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