More jobs, less unemployment…thank small businesses

243,000 more jobs in January.  Unemployment rate down to 8.3% from 8.5% last month. 
All good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The ADP National Employment Report had a different number, 170,000, for new jobs in January for nonfarm private employment.  But the ADP’s analysis of where those jobs came from was important.
Total new jobs:                                                                        170,000
Small Businesses   (1-49 employees)                                        95,000 (56%)
Medium Businesses   (50-499 employees)                                72,000 (42%)
Large Businesses  (500 and more employees)                           3,000  (less than 2%)
Small business continues to lead the way in growing the economy.  Now if Congress would only listen to our voices about our needs instead of listening to big business and multinationals pretending to be concerned with small business.
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