New online portal opens for SC small businesses to access capital

South Carolina entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for capital to start or grow a business have a new opportunity.  The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce begins taking business applications today for its new donation crowdfunding and private placement investment portal found at

“There is a growing demand for small business loans that our financial institutions cannot meet for one reason or another,” said Frank Knapp Jr., president & CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCC).  “Our new portal will provide the marketplace for these small businesses to seek donations and investments for their business projects.” 

The portal,, is based on the theme that South Carolinians should,  “Invest in a New Economy”.  This effort is a partnership with the American Sustainable Business Council, New York-based Mission Markets and Bendigo Securities, LLC.

“We don’t have to wait for the national economy to take off.  We can grow our own local economies by donating to and investing in our local businesses.  This portal,, will make this easier,” said Knapp.

While anyone will be able to donate to a compelling small business project when the portal is open to the public in approximately 30 days, only those with high incomes will be able to invest through the private placement portal.  The qualifying criteria for “accredited” investors can be found at

Businesses wanting to place their projects on the portal for either donations or investments should go to 
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