New Report on How Big Business Hijacks the Voice of Small Business

The Center for Effective Government (CEG) has published a new report, Gaming the Rules: How Big Business Hijacks the Small Business Review Process to Weaken Public Protections.

David Levine, co-founder and president of the American Sustainable Business Council, and I joined CEG’s Ron White in a telepresser this past Monday to give reporters extra time to review the document which was under embargo until this morning. You can listen to that telepresser here.

The report documents how big business has weakened public protection standards by manipulating the SBA’s Office of Advocacy that was intended to provide small businesses with input into EPA, OSHA and CFPB regulations. The report finds that this office has encouraged large industry trade associations and their big business members to participate in various roles in this process thus causing the real opinions of small businesses not to be heard.

You can read the report here: (

For additional information or questions about the report, contact Ron White at CEG at


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