NFIB Fights to Protect Their Money…At Your Expense

When the media ran the story that the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) was joining the “frivolous” lawsuit against the U.S. government over the new healthcare law, there were a couple important pieces of information missing. The national press is not doing its job so let me help them.

As we all know, the NFIB fought against the new law so it is no surprise that they are still fighting it. However, the new law means that this year businesses with less than 25 employees are eligible for health care tax credits that will make health insurance more affordable—the number one issue for small businesses. According to Dan Danner, the NFIB president and CEO in a March 16, 2009 letter to the Obama Administration, over 90% of their members fit into this category.

So why is the NFIB committing “malpractice” by trying to stop the new law that can benefit nearly all their members? Follow the money.

Go to and see for yourself. The NFIB has an income stream from selling health insurance. Come 2014 when the new insurance exchanges kick in, this NFIB revenue bites the dust because they won’t be able to hang in there price-wise with the other insurance carriers competing for the large pools of people.

Money is far more likely to be NFIB’s motive for joining the lawsuit than some principled concern over constitutionality.

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